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The Elixir of Life

The Elixir of Life

Consensual Sex, Erotica, Girls domination, Male/Female, Male/Teen Female, Masturbation, Mind Control, Spanking, Teen, Young

Author's infos: Male, Secret, Colorado
Introduction: Dr Wilson's twenty years of research finally pays off

Being a genetic scientist wasn’t without its perks. Four full-time assistants, plush offices and let’s not forget the new Lexus drop-top. They had head-hunted him from the Brewer Pharmaceutical Corporation the previous Fall, with the lure of new state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and the type of bottomless funding, only Government Agencies seem to have access to.

“Dr James Wilson – Senior Geneticist” proclaimed the somewhat ostentatious plaque residing at eye level on the door to his office. Using his swipe card, Dr Wilson gained access to his inner sanctum closing the door behind him as he had done two hundred and twenty three times already this year.

Drawing up the leather high-back, he glanced across at the framed photograph on the right of the expansive desk. Denise Wilson and daughter Melody posed there happily on the ski-lift at Aspen. Not a care in the world registered in their expressions – though why would they have any, when James was trucking-in more than two-hundred thou every year.

He smiled at the irony of so seemingly happy a picture.

Not six months since his wife kicked him out of the matrimonial bedroom and Melody’s only conversation with her father was when she needed him to pay for repairs to the Viper or whatever bills had accrued at the stables. Just seventeen and she had her mother’s bitchiness down pat, with every indication of surpassing her in that regard.

Little wonder he had immersed himself in his research. Molecular structures, DNA helixes and amino acids neither spent his money or undermined his self-esteem. Unlike his wife, they allowed him to do what he liked with them!

He gazed at the small vial on the left of his desk. Containing some one-fifty cc of colorless liquid, it was part of a flask containing the bulk of the serum he and his staff had prepared the previous day and which now was locked securely away in the adjoining laboratory cool-room.

Doctor Wilson had spent the last six months working on genetic ovarian disorders and associated infertility problems, commissioned on behalf of the State Medical Board. His work in principle was to study the effects of chromosomal abnormalities and to chemically engineer a re-agent that might artificially increase FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) levels. Without invoking an excess of medical terminology here, let it simply be stated that Doctor Wilson discovered that the controlled introduction of clomiphene citrate into a previously unfertile ovum not only significantly raised localised FSH levels but had led to a physiological change in the cellular structure itself that appeared to render the oocyte (egg) now fully fertile. Pretty much the equivalent of a moon-landing in layman’s terms!

It was certainly reason enough to stop-by Oscar’s bar on the way home. If he didn’t deserve a martini for his efforts- who did?

“Better take the vial, just to be on the safe side,” he reasoned, and thus scooping it up, placed it carefully inside the zip-pouch in his document case.

Selecting a private booth at the far end of Oscar’s, he was barely into his second dry martini, when a young girl sitting alone in the booth next to him, and who he assumed would need valid id to even buy cigarettes at the local tobacco stand, turned around and asked if he had a light. Even in the ten seconds or so it took him to apologise, telling her he didn’t smoke, he noticed the somewhat attractive girl’s dilated pupils, unhealthy pallor and generally agitated state. Either ‘Crack’ or ‘Speed’ he figured.

At that moment his cell rang. It was Denise. Depressing the call button, all he could make out was garbled static. Having by necessity to make it to the sidewalk to engender a better degree of reception, it was hardly worth the effort. Other than demanding to know where he was and when he’d be home, she had nothing to say. Flipping the lid of the cell, he smiled wryly to himself. A passing shower was creating artistic patterns against the far street light as the scarcely dampening rain appeared to fall in slow motion.

Not ten feet from the booth and his peristaltic rate hit overdrive. No longer was his document case resident on the seat where he had left it momentarily. Equally unattended was the adjoining booth he noted. Looking around wildly – there was no trace of either the case or Miss quick-fix. Other patrons, fully engaged in conversation, their alcoholic support, or blissful daydreams…had seen nothing. The barman “thought” he might have seen the girl leaving from the rear entrance carrying ‘something’ but he couldn’t be sure.

Exiting the fire-door, he found himself in a dingy alleyway littered with trash-cans and piles of rubbish. Half-expecting to come across Steven Seagal kicking the bejesus out of some street gang, he almost suffered cardiac arrest when a monstrous stray cat hissed at him from atop a dumpster.

The drizzle had pretty much subsided although the walkway was still slippery and the general atmosphere of his surroundings something less than enervating. Up ahead just inside a dank and unlit doorway he caught sight of some movement.

Drawing level with the niche, all he could see was a pair of slim calves, patent black leather girl’s shoes and the barest hint of what looked like a cerise colored skirt. It was enough. He had seen them before.
Even as he inclined his head towards the doorway he heard a muffled “Ohh, unreal!!”

Someone a couple of floors up switched on their bedroom light. It was enough to penetrate the girl’s place of concealment. His document case lay there, forced open on the top step, while the girl lay slumped almost provocatively against the weather-beaten door that looked as if it hadn’t been opened since Mrs O’Leary’s cow had showed its distaste for lanterns. Beside her lay one of his syringes – and an empty small glass vial.

“Jesus girl…what have you done?” he muttered, leaning over her. From what he could see, she didn’t look to be suffering any physically noticeable ill-effects at this stage.

“Needed a high,” she giggled, “What is that stuff anyway?”

“Nothing that’s gonna get you high young lady,” he replied, regathering his possessions swiftly.

“Oh I don’t know,” she giggled even louder, “Would you like to kiss me?”

The light was just sufficient to let him re-acquaint his eyes with what he had already seen in the bar. Nice fitting top which advertised more than it concealed. Slim hips and sculptured legs exiting that tight little skirt that are strictly the domain of teenage girls. If anything her face was prettier than on last inspection and those lightly glossed lips definitely an improvement on Denise’s early seventies vintage. What cretin wouldn’t want to take up such an offer?

He inclined his head to kiss her but was totally unprepared for the ensuing physical assault.

One arm around his neck and the other grasping at his jacket, she pulled him to her with such intent that he fell prostrate across her. Not that this was any great hardship, the sensation of her firm young breasts up against his chest could even have been described as vaguely pleasurable.

Her mouth sought his own like a tigress.

“Fuck me….please fuck me,” she more or less begged, spreading her legs beneath him to the extent that particular skirt allowed. He felt her trying to tug the hem up with one hand even as she wailed her desire.

Breaking off the kiss, he managed to evade her clutches and stood up panting…half with exertion and half with enforced arousal himself.

“Best you go home miss,” he stammered, not wanting to play the lead in a protracted rape case. “This is hardly the neighborhood for a young girl to be hanging out in at this time of night.

“Oh please….you have to fuck me,” she was half sobbing, her skirt now crumpled indecently up around her hips. He was unable to wrench his eyes from her right hand, up now between her legs and rubbing her pussy hard through those rather skimpy light blue briefs. Spreading her legs wider than ever. She suddenly held her panties to one side.

“Do you think I’m sexy?” she pleaded, exposing her teenage cleft to his gaze, surrounded as it was by trimmed, yet obviously moist, light brown pubic hair. She brought the other hand up between her legs now pushing an index finger deep inside her vagina as he stared dry-mouthed at the unfolding scene..

This had to be a side-effect of the serum he pondered – uncontrolled sexual arousal. Perhaps some brief field-research was indicated here.

“You have a name sweetheart?” he asked her

“Julie,” she replied, her hips beginning to wriggle suggestively on the step as she continued to finger herself deeply. “Oh please mister, fuck me, I need it badly, you have to do it to me.”

So obscenely spread was the girl, that he could see her vagina was lubricated in the extreme, juices running down her fingers in rivulets. “On heat” did not adequately cover the situation he saw before him.

“Show me your breasts Julie and I’ll think about it?” he whispered softly.

In less time than it would take to order a Big Mac with fries, the girl pulled her top up and wriggled out of it. It wasn’t a warm night either he noted. Seizing her bra straps she then pulled them down her shoulders exposing both breasts to his not disinterested gaze.

Staring at those most beautiful mounds, much the same size as his own daughter’s he chastised himself for imagining, her pretty nipples stood out, the proudest of sentinels on night duty.

“Come on, I’ve shown you my tits…now fuck me would you? I just can’t wait much longer.” As she spoke, she re-commenced fingering herself wildly.

“One last request Julie,” he could barely bring himself to utter the words…“take all your clothes off and get down on all fours for me.”

Not even bothering to check whether anyone was coming, the girl stood up, unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the ground. Slipping both hands inside the waistband of her panties she wriggled out of them, kicking off her shoes in the process. Completely naked now, she gingerly descended the four stone steps and kneeling in the laneway, seemingly oblivious to the puddles of water, wriggled her teenage butt at him as she got on all fours in as compromising a position as ever a girl can be.

Assuring himself there was no likelihood of imminent discovery, he got down behind her, only then realising that beneath his own trousers was a caged serpent of hitherto unexperienced solidarity.

Foreplay was not on the agenda. She wanted to be fucked and that’s precisely what he did to her.

Had Sixty Minutes been in the vicinity, they would have picked up the exclusive of the decade…perhaps the century! That no-one came along was just good fortune. Reaching a shared orgasm in something less than ninety seconds he wasn’t even surprised when whimpering with lust almost, she got down on her forearms and presented her curvy rear-end as the designated target for the second-wave assault.

Despite never having had any inclination for the ‘alternative channel’ he acquitted himself admirably in filling her back-up portal while she gasped and wriggled in obvious pleasure, mud and dirt from the road adorning her legs and arms by this stage.

To his eternal disbelief, the girl then turned around, splaying herself lewdly on her back mid lane-way, pleading with him to fuck her again. So wide were her legs, an Indian elephant would have been in there with a chance.

Unable at this juncture to be physically capable of continuing the treatment, however pleasant the prospect, he ignored her pitiful demands and moved across to the sidewalk with the intention of retrieving the girl’s clothes.

Right that moment a battered old Riviera cruised past the end of the alleyway.

“What the fuck?” emanated from the driver’s passenger side as backing-up hastily, four large youths debarked from the beat-up vehicle. Thinking naturally enough that street justice was about to catch up with him, he grabbed his document case and hightailed it westwards back up the alleyway.

Just before turning the corner, he glanced back over his shoulder to judge how long he had to live and was beyond amazed to discern no followers. He leaned up against the wall, capturing his breath. All four of the car’s occupants he could see were gathered around the spreadeagled girl, one kneeling now between her legs, the others doing something to her he just couldn’t make out.

“What uncommonly good luck” he muttered to himself – “for her too!”


Finding it hard to concentrate on much other than young Julie getting down and dirty in that alleyway, the Lexus ran at least two red lights on the way back to Madison Heights.

“Took your sweet time,” his wife greeted him as he waked into the kitchen. “And what the Hell happened to your suit? Its filthy!”

“Long story Denise – nothing you’d want to hear about, trust me!” Putting the document case down on the bench-top near the servery, he figured a shower was what he needed more than anything right then.

For once, the put-downs, conversational inanities and general disinterest shown him by his wife and daughter fazed him but little. The truth is, he had in mind an embryonic plan – one that might loosely be construed as long-overdue payback!

“You seem distracted tonight James,” his wife commented shortly before taking her leave of the dining room. He wondered if she wasn’t somewhat irked at having failed to provoke him for the duration of supper.
“Just got a lot on my mind at the moment Denise.”

He looked up as he spoke, but seeing little other than resigned indifference in her expression, finished off the remnants of the claret instead.

The next day saw him wing-in to the laboratory with a new found zest for life. Even his staff noticed his changed demeanor – almost chatty as opposed to his normal controlled, if not clinical bedside manner.

“What’s with him?” said one young assistant to her co-worker. “Look’s like he found a cure for hangovers.”
Fact is Dr Wilson was, for the first time in many years, actually looking forward to going home. Ensuring he was the last to leave, he paid one final visit to the cool room.


“Veal Marsala?” he sniffed approvingly. “That definitely calls for a Bollinger Denise. What say I go crack a ’74? I think we have a complete case of them in the cellar.”

His wife wouldn’t have known a 1974 Bollinger from the 2006 house-white at the local Pizza Hut. So long as it sparkled, made her giggle and was served in an up-market piece of crystal, her needs were fulfilled.

Having retrieved his bottle of choice, he popped the cork at the sink and while Denise busied herself with serving dinner, he retracted from his inside pocket a small glass vial, the contents of which he up-ended quickly into the Bollinger, having first poured his own glass. No sooner had he done this, than his daughter made an appearance from upstairs.

“Oh, hello dad,” said Melody, with less enthusiasm than a prisoner on death row about to tackle his last meal. “You’re eating with us again tonight?”

“Yeah honey,” he replied. “We haven’t really talked much as a family for a while, I thought we might do something about that?”

“Right,” she mumbled, staring at her mother, ”Sounds like fun.” He caught her momentarily rolling her eyes.

Filling his wife’s glass, he inclined the neck of the bottle towards his daughter, “You’re not far off eighteen sweetheart, would you like a little champagne?”

She was never going to say no, as he well knew!

For several minutes no one spoke, just a few obligatory smiles all round as they all ate. Fully alert for the slightest deviation from the norm he regarded both mother and daughter with in-obvious watchfulness.
When nothing appeared to be happening he was not only disappointed but baffled. Was it possible that taking the drug orally negated its effect and that to duplicate Julie’s reaction, required intravenous delivery? Perhaps the effects he had witnessed in the alleyway last night had been due to other than the serum?

“I don’t believe this?” his daughter appeared to mumble, coloring up visibly as she laid down her fork suddenly.

“Don’t believe what sweetheart?” he enquired, glancing across at her nonchalantly.

“Er, nothing dad,” she replied. “Its OK, I’m just feeling really odd that’s all.”

He was about to ask ‘in what way?’ when his wife put her glass of wine down and none too steadily at that. In not far short of a giggle, she looked across at James and shocked both herself and her daughter by announcing to the world, “Gotta be honest Melody, your dad’s a pretty cool guy doncha think?”

In other circumstances Doctor Wilson might have punched the air, as it was, he simply offered up a silent prayer of gratitude.

“Just a bit more champagne daddy?” Melody pleaded, looking at her father with no expression he had ever seen before. He had no hesitation in filling her glass to the brim.

“You trying to get our daughter drunk?” his wife half-slurred, quaffing the remnants of her own glass. “Not that I mind,” she added, giggling uncontrollably now. “Come over here and give me a hug James.”

Almost as keen to research this medical phenomenon as he was determined to benefit from it, Doctor Wilson remained in his chair sipping his own wine, as he watched the women’s behavioral disintegration.

“I’d like a kiss too please daddy,” his daughter demanded confidently. She hadn’t, he recalled, referred to him as “daddy” since she was twelve…and now twice in three minutes.

Making no move towards either, he sat there passively. “Beautiful meal Denise,” he announced, making as if to leave the table. “I have to go to the study now and complete a paper I am delivering at the Research Council’s brunch tomorrow.” Then turning to his daughter, “And you sweetheart, had better go finish your school-work, don’t you have your final exams in just a few weeks?”

“No dad,” she yelped, “Don’t go yet….please!”

This was the most fun he could remember having since that night he first brought Denise up to speed as to the primary function of a Pontiac’s back seat, outside her parent’s house at two in the morning on their second date.

If he hadn’t seen it, he wouldn’t have believed it, but Melody was subconsciously undoing the top buttons of her school blouse, even as she spoke.

Whether his wife was aware of this eventuality or not he couldn’t say, she evidently had her own plan of action, judging by her decision to walk around the table and seat herself not three feet from his dinner plate, scattering condiments and table napkins alike.

“C’mon James, I must have something that interests you surely?” So saying she began tugging the hem of her skirt upwards, wriggling about on the tablecloth as she did so.”

“Er, in front of our daughter Denise?” he enquired.

His wife’s spontaneous reply of “You can fuck Melody afterwards James, as much as you want,” was not exactly what he was expecting, any more than his daughter’s ensuing brief monologue.

“Fuck me first daddy…..I know you’ve always wanted to!”

Well she was right on that score he had to admit, but this was a situation to be handled somewhat diplomatically he felt.

“Tell you what girls,” he announced, “Show me your nipples first and we’ll see what happens then, OK?”

What followed was surely the realization of so many men’s ultimate fantasies from time immemorial. A still youngish wife (Denise was only thirty eight) and teenage daughter hastily divesting themselves of their bras, fully willing to parade themselves topless for the unrestricted viewing pleasures to be had.

Denise’s breasts were still firm and inviting in the extreme, while his daughter’s pink-tipped mounds, shunted his desire into overdrive. What he was experiencing between his legs suddenly, wasn’t so much an erection as procreational gridlock.

His wife, who having worked her skirt up around her hips now, was wriggling about on the table, seemingly uncaring that her panties were fully exposed to her young daughter as well as her husband.

“Ohhh come on James, fuck me.” She began rubbing herself across the face of her knickers – a woman ultimately on heat to be sure. If ever he had an opportunity to test the flexibility of the serum’s mind control, this was it.

“Go and take Melody’s panties off then Denise and I’ll fuck you.” He grinned. “Just make sure you finger her for me too, alright?”

Completely without the least inhibition, she eased herself off the table, walked over to Melody and dragging the girl’s chair out a few feet, seemingly unconcerned by the sight of the teenager’s bare breasts jiggling about in clear view of her father, knelt down between her legs. He noted also Melody’s total lack of resistance as her mother reached up beneath her school-dress, took a hold of the waistband of her panties and proceeded to drag the skimpy little briefs past her knees and down her legs.

“Hold your dress up Melody,” she instructed her daughter, “Let your dad see your pussy?”

With that she pushed her index finger very carefully up into her daughter’s vagina and despite the girl’s gasp of probable shock, began fingering her in and out which induced noticeable movement in the young girl’s hips.

Poor old Doctor Wilson had yet to aclimatize himself to the sight of his teen daughter’s fully exposed pussy, framed as it was by light brown curls that just about seared his retinas with lustful appreciation.

“Does that feel nice?” she asked Melody, who nodded to her mother, spreading her legs noticeably to allow for even better access. “Play with your tits honey, it will make you feel even hornier,” Denise added.

Wanting desperately to extricate and soothe his swollen erection, he could but stare as his wife’s open ministrations, brought his daughter to the edge of orgasmic release. Wriggling about in the chair, her eyes closed, she was cupping and rubbing her own breasts now, completely lost in the pleasures at hand.

“Oh God mom,” she announced suddenly as a violent orgasm took control of her small frame. Bucking wildly, she clutched at her own pussy even as her mother’s fingers pushed her across the border.

Doctor Wilson’s mouth was dry, it was also gaping open!

“We had an agreement I believe?” Denise had gotten to her feet and was now standing alongside his chair.

“Well yes, of course darling,” he replied. Any preferences?” he glanced towards the far stairs.

“Just fuck me James…right here and now.” So saying she lay back on the table right in front of him. She had her skirt back up around her hips in seconds.

“What? in front of Melody?” he gasped, the thought of actually fucking his wife while his daughter watched, was nothing he figured, short of pure animalistic indulgence.

Primed and ready to rumble, he stood up. Taking a hold of his wife’s still slim legs - after all, two hundred thou a year buys a lot of quality time by way of personal trainers – he tugged her hips to the edge of the table before overseeing the swift removal of her panties. The expression on Melody’s face was priceless but hardly one of disapproval he noted. She hadn’t bothered to retrieve her undergarments either, which bode rather well for the immediate future he was thinking.

Wriggling and desperate, Denise had her legs well spread for him. Just a matter of freeing up the enforcer and he was back ploughing his near-forgotten field of dreams. God, how long had it been?

Although marginally less unhinged than had been Julie’s little turn in the alleyway and this presumably, as she had ingested less concentrated a dose of the serum, his wife nevertheless was uninhibited to the point of begging aloud for him to fuck her harder, a task he was fully up to.

“That is so hot daddy,” Melody enunciated, thrusting a hand between her own legs, as she watched her father’s assured progress. Debasing as the scenario might have been, the sight of an eight-inch penile ramrod sunk repeatedly to the hilt in her mom’s vagina did have its arousing aspects for the young girl.

“Oh God, fuck me harder James,” Denise cried out, her arms scattering tableware and cutlery alike in her quest for pleasured release. Squeezing her breasts with callous indifference now, all he achieved was to raise further her erotic demands.

Aware of his daughter’s revealing masturbatory undertaking, was in no small way hyping his cause. The sight of her fingering herself to nirvana as he continued deep-fucking his near-naked wife’s swollen vagina, was probably the reason he more or less exploded inside her right then – a release of near super-nova status.

“Keep fucking me…don’t stop,” she cried out, even as her own body more or less imploded with the greatest orgasm she had yet experienced…and not a few of her extra-marital ‘relationships’ had notched up a few doozies let us be honest.

“Ohhh mom,” was all Melody had to contribute, then she too was transported down that orgasmic yellow brick road as every nerve ending from clitoris to nipple was sent into a tailspin of notable proportions.

“I want to see you fuck Melody now James…please!” She was gradually easing herself upright, semen trickling forth from her abused and quite red vagina. She brought a hand up between her legs and felt the extent of the flow. It appeared to satisfy her.

Turning to his daughter, he indicated her underclothing near the chair which she promptly retrieved and wriggled back into. That, he had to admit, was certainly no visual hardship either. With his erection barely at half-mast, he pulled her to him and kissed her hard on the lips. To say this fulfilled a long-time fantasy would be an understatement. It was the experience of a lifetime – which is why the second kiss was even more intense.

From Melody’s viewpoint, it was the hottest thing she had ever contemplated. Kissing her father passionately and any way you look at it – sexually, was an eventuality most seventeen year-olds can only dream about – well for those who might ponder such fun eccentricities.

Reaching around behind her, Dr Wilson located the zipper and a couple of seconds later, the school-dress was at her feet, leaving his daughter standing there in just her bra and panties. Could life get better?
Propelling her towards the far staircase, he was aware that his wife had eased herself off the table and was taking up the rear as they ascended the stairs. At the landing he took a hold of Melody’s arm, “No not our room honey, dad wants to fuck his little girl in her own bedroom.”

“Oh OK daddy,” she giggled. If Denise had any thoughts on the matter, she was keeping them to herself.

Once inside the rather tastefully decorated room he gave his daughter a playful smack on her bottom that made her yelp.

“Dad!” she cried out. “That’s naughty,”

“Well, that’s what I’m here for?” he grinned at her. “Now get on the bed please.”

With no obvious trepidation as to her immediate fate, the girl climbed on her bed and lay down on her back. ‘Tempting’ doesn’t adequately cover it here. She was every father’s most rampant and socially repressed fantasy.

“No, not on your back sweetheart,” he told her, “On all fours please.”

Compliantly, she got on her knees and facing the headboard, presented her father with, if not the curviest little rear-end in Madison Heights, certainly the most available.

“Spank her James,” his wife instructed, sitting herself down on the edge of the bed, idly smoothing her hands across her daughter’s rear cheeks, who then gasped – either with embarrassment, shock or pleasure…..possibly all the above!

Smiling inwardly, he told the girls to wait there momentarily while he retrieved their three glasses from downstairs. Whilst there of course, he refreshed their drinks from the now near-empty bottle. He wouldn’t he knew, be needing a second.

“I like the champagne dad,” Melody giggled, taking up once more her provocative pose mid coverlet.
“And I like your sexy little bottom sweetheart,” he said giving her a reasonably hard smack across her panties.” She gasped but made no attempt to remove herself from the playing field.

Three smacks later and he was beginning to understand what was so sexy about spanking a teenage girl. The submissive aspect of the victim, the sexy contact with so naughty an area – having his wife endorsing his actions as she smiled lasciviously at seeing her daughter’s punishment ….yeah he could definitely get to like this!

“Just one more sweetheart,” he muttered, “and this is for being such a little bitch to me all these years.”

So hard did he spank her, both legs buckled.

“That really hurt dad,” she whimpered, reaching around and patting her rear cheeks. Her panties had slipped progressively with each spank and that delightfully sexy cleft was now partially visible, as was a deal of bright red skin.

“Take your panties off Melody,” he ordered her.

Obediently, the young girl reached behind her and tugged her sexy little red briefs down until her bottom was completely exposed. Then wriggling her hips until the material was even lower, she extricated one leg and then the other. It was just a matter of when he might actually suffer that inevitable coronary. How could any man, let alone father, look upon so arousing a scene without incurring total physical relapse?

“I soo need you to fuck me daddy,” she cried out, in sheer wanton need. Not at all what might be expected from such a hitherto good little Catholic girl, bitch or not.

Almost transfixed by his daughter’s rearward aspect, he couldn’t decide which was the more arousing. Her completely exposed and obviously highly lubricated vaginal opening, or the sexy-as-all-hell pubic hair peeking out from between her legs. It had to be line-ball whichever way you went. The fact that no other male on the planet had ever been privy to Melody’s procreative secrets just made it all the hotter.

“You like me doing this sweetheart?” he whispered, cupping her pussy from underneath and allowing his fingers to then trace their way the full length of her seventeen-year old slit. He caught his wife’s expression of lustful approval even as his fingers undertook the return trip.

Melody was unable to prevent a cry of utter pleasure escaping those rather exquisitely shaped lips, “Oh God dad, do that again please…use two fingers this time!”

“Play with her tits too James,” Denise broke in. “Make her beg for it.”

So saying, she splayed her own legs to levels of extraordinary indecency, thus proceeding to tease her clitoris, replete in the knowledge that this was having the desired effect on both husband and daughter.

Melody however was not short of sexual distractions herself. Shivering uncontrollably from her father’s dexterous attentions to her pussy, not to mention having her breasts fondled and her nipples squeezed, the sight of her mother’s lewd behavior in such close proximity, was adding to her complete disorientation.

Probably unaware that she now had her bottom arched upwards like the most practised whore in Chinatown, she was literally wriggling in aggregated need. As a degree of primal instinct kicked in, she got down on her forearms and glancing back towards her father openly pleaded,

“Fuck me daddy, my pussy is soo hot!”

“Yeah James,” Denise almost hissed, “For God’s sake fuck the little slut. Take her virginity – You always wanted to!”

Inarguably the right words at the right time. Kneeling on the bed behind his naked daughter, her scalding red bottom still bearing multiple handprints he noted with some satisfaction, he aligned his erection with those soft moist lips and engaged ‘drive.’

Aroused and undoubtedly committed as she was, a hymen is still a hymen. At the instant he found his progress barred by that natural barrier, her mouth was gaping open in shocked discomfort. He hadn’t come this far though with any intentions of an early retreat – there was payback to make, a cherry for the taking and a hot little pussy to fuck - not necessarily in that order.

Holding her bottom tightly, his interest well and truly catalysed by that arched back, slim waist and curvy hips, he thrust in harder. Something gave way, even as she cried out in genuine pain. Able now to penetrate her to the max he watched in almost awed reverence as his erection disappeared up to the hilt in her pussy. He could see a trickle of blood on her inner thigh but all this achieved was a desire to fuck her insensible.

So tight was she, being in any event a very small girl, he felt like he was penetrating a ten year old – not that this was any great detriment you understand.

Melody of course had discovered that her former pain had somehow taken a rain check, and that what her father was doing to her currently, exceeded even her wildest expectations of pleasure. Thrusting back with her hips, all she wanted was that cock…..and to be honest, anyone else’s, in her 24/7.

It may not have been art, but it was certainly progress. Penetrating that diabolically hot little cavern as far as the cervical wastelands, he had Melody literally crying out in uncontrolled passion and the exchange of father-daughter dialogue left little to the imagination either. She didn’t know it but he was raping her senseless. Each increasingly hard thrust, payback for the many sleights and insults she had heaped upon him over the years. The only vague negative might have been the fact that far from being hurt or humiliated by his aggravated indecencies, she was experiencing total ecstasy.

Denise had by now reached her second orgasmic peak for the evening, but in the light of the incestuous tableau being played out right beside her, was of a mind for even more craven indulgence and thus she began feeling up her daughter’s somewhat damp breasts, pulling those still girlish nipples and waiting for an opportunity to kiss those sexy little lips that courtesy of her father’s relentless intercourse with her, were framed now in silent epithets of pleasured release.

As to who ran out first to the tape can never be known. He felt his daughter beginning to quiver convulsively even as her vaginal muscles clamped his own extended flesh like a vise. She felt something hot and sticky spraying her inner walls and was aware of him jerking spasmodically deep inside her.
Unfortunately, not a solitary family member had shown the foresight to draw the bedroom curtains.

“George, come up here quickly,” young Debra Carlyle called down the stairs to her husband, “You’re not gonna believe what’s going on next door hun?”

Forget Harper Valley PTA

Forget Harper Valley PTA

Consensual Sex, Female/Female, First Time, Incest, Male / Female Teens, Masturbation, Older Male / Female, School, Young

Author's infos: Male, Secret, Colorado
Introduction: A chance encounter at a parent-teacher night opens up a whole new educational slant.

I’m still in shock. Major league, brain-cell frying disorientation type shock! Fact is, I have now a whole new slant on the education system or at least, the home education system. Problem is, I now have to make one crucial decision.

It would doubtless come as no surprise to all but the voluntarily cloistered few, that at some stage or other, the average father looks at his daughter or daughters and thinks, “yummy!” Many, I am sure (and you can count me in here!) reflect beyond the “yummy” stage to the “what if?” stage or if, like mine they are just too cute for their own good – the “gotta do something about this” stage! Given the facts as laid out in an earlier tale (published elsewhere) “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear,” one can see that any such contemplation was circumstantially grounded by “opportunity” which ultimately opened up a new family-career path.

A while back now, the co-ed High School that my daughters attend, held one of their regular parent/teacher nights. One fronts-up to a regular procession of Math, History, English and Science lecturers who not that long ago would never have made it past the first interview for a teaching position. They drone on about the importance of assessments, percentile bands, re-vamped syllabuses and vocational guidance, while you sit there thinking “What a fucking idiot!” Once in a while I have broken up the drudgery by asking them if they know what a pteranadon or an archaeopterix is - never yet found one who did, science professors included!

However I digress. Between appointments for specific teachers I found myself chatting to other parents while Jenna was talking to her girlfriends. One such conversation began after a father, a little younger than myself, had been watching Jenna for a while before speaking to me,

“You have a very pretty daughter you know.”

Deciding not to punch him out then and there, I was on the verge of saying “Yeah, and I wouldn’t mind fucking yours either,” when I realized he may not have had one. So I just said “Uh-huh, thanks. Yep, she is a little sweetheart.”

At that moment a rather cute little blonde sidled up to him and muttered,

“Be another ten minutes dad.”

We got to talking and comparing notes. Michelle I discovered is in a grade above Jenna – they know each other recognizably but have never spoken. I noticed that her father leveled many a secondary glance at Jenna before asking what struck me as a weird question.

“Does she get out much?”

Not entirely sure what he meant, I simply replied that she goes out quite a bit with girlfriends. She has, like most fifteen-year old girls at college, her own little clique.

Well this guy – he introduced himself as Jerry Clarke - was sure taken with the subject of young girls, he must have singled out at least half a dozen in the room for some personal comment or other.

Suddenly from way left field,

“Ever thought of “doing it” with a girl that age?” he whispered.

“Yeah,” I replied, “And the twenty years hard labor afterwards.”

"Not necessarily,” was the cryptic response.

Right then, his number was called and his daughter collected him. Before he left, he asked if I’d like to have a cappuccino with him at the local mall the following Saturday morning. Having no particular reason not to, I agreed.

I don’t think I’ll ever see a capuccino in quite the same way again.

It didn’t take him long to get back on his topic of choice - young girls. I wondered if he was compiling a University thesis. Somehow we got on to the subject of what a tease they can be (as if I hadn’t noticed) and the need to spank them sometimes (now that was a subject close to my heart!) But it was at the point he asked me once again, if I had ever thought of doing anything with any young girls that my ears pricked up (not just my ears either!) Thinking it best not to mention my one slight straying from the path of righteousness, I merely said that I had “thought” of doing lots of things…what father hadn’t if they are honest?

He persisted. “If you had the opportunity though….would you?”

“Depends on the opportunity,” I answered honestly.

He looked around the coffee bar almost furtively.

“What would you say if I told you there were quite a few fathers locally who held these “parties” where young girls – their daughters included, had a whole lot of “fun!”

“I’d want the address,” I replied, wondering where the hell this was heading.

Jerry then went on to explain that he was part of a circle of parents, almost all of them at my daughter’s school, who held these bi-weekly parties on a rotation system and at which a condition of entry was that “after a preliminary induction” every father wishing to go, must bring his own daughter. I asked the obvious question, “What about the mothers?” His reply of “Oh, several girls are taken by both parents,” just blew me away! It also sent my imagination into hyperdrive.

“So you’re telling me girls from what? thirteen or fourteen upwards, are stripped and made to have sex with other men while their moms and dads watch???”

“Not made to,” he said. “They are more than willing and it’s not just with the other fathers – they have sex with their own dads as well, sometimes their moms too. That PTA night we met, at least five of those girls there attend these parties regularly.”

Convinced he was joshing, I just mentioned that I had to go as I had a fair few things to attend to.

“Well?” he said, “You want to at least come and have a look?”

Curious beyond belief, I said “Sure, when?…where? But I’m not bringing any daughter.”

“No, that’s fine,” he replied, “No-one does the first time they go. The next party is today week. Don’t have the venue yet, I’ll call you.”

With that, he left. I had two more capuccinos!

Jerry rang me the following weekend and made arrangements to pick me up just after lunch. My kids were all out doing other things which worked in well. There was always the cellphone if anyone needed me.

Some fifteen minutes north of my home is “Millionaire’s Row” as it is colloquially known. An exclusive suburb best described as semi rural. Multiple adjoining five/ten acre blocks each with room for a decent airstrip. Three million might just buy you the cheapest homestead up there. A few of the girls from the college lived up that-a-way I knew, having taken both Jenna and Kylie there for the odd birthday party. Privacy certainly wasn’t an issue in Windsor Hills.

Michelle was seated in the front with her Father and I found the conversation somewhat heavy going, realizing that she must obviously be an active participant. What do you say to a pretty sixteen-year old girl on her way to a sex party? “Do you fuck here often?”

For her part, Michelle seemed as relaxed and normal as any teenager on her way to the shopping mall. She smiled at me when I got in and was chatting away to her dad the whole trip. Dressed in a hot little skirt and top, I wondered if that was some kinda “uniform” they were all expected to wear?

As Jerry pulled into a drive-way, I had my first coronary. I knew the place – it was one of the houses I’d brought Kylie to a few months earlier. Several hundred yards long, the drive gave way to a tree’d courtyard where ten or eleven vehicles, mainly 4-wheel drive monstrosities, were arrogantly clustered about the main entrance. Jerry backed-up between two huge pine-trees and the three of us exited. Michelle was holding her father’s hand I noticed.

We were welcomed by a man who I recalled as hosting the birthday party I had brought my daughter to. He obviously recognized me too. When introduced by Jerry he said “We’ve met before haven’t we?” I nodded.

Inside, we were ushered-in to an enormous room they could have staged the seventy-sixth Oscars presentation in. Tables were scattered about with nibblies, drinks and what have you, while a dozen or so groups of chairs were clustered around the wall. It’s what was on the chairs caught my eye. Girls! – handpicked pretty ones by the look of it. Some looked to me to be pushing teen-age, most I would guess were of Jenna or Kylie’s vintage…fifteen to sixteen. The greater majority were in short skirts, but a few had on nice dresses and others were wearing tight jeans with mid-riff tops. Of greatest concern, I recognized a couple of girls from Jenna’s grade – God, does she actually know about all this I wondered?

As Jerry had mentioned, there were indeed a few mothers seated with their daughters and I counted at least three sets of what were obviously husbands and wives. Perhaps most staggering was the fact that all these people were basically middle to upper class families, absolutely none of whom would you be expecting to see at such a venue. Mind you at this juncture, I had still no idea what exactly the program for the afternoon’s festivities was likely to be. But for the young girls, It looked for all the world like an up-market Tupperware party about to kick-off.

I noticed one or two men who like myself appeared to be unaccompanied and who were standing uneasily along the far wall, either with a friend or smiling at whoever glanced at them.

Wondering how this was going to “begin” as such, and at that stage, people were still coming in – ostensibly men, accompanied by one or two girls who presumably were their daughters…I noticed a couple of girls leave their seats and cross to other small groups. One cute little brunette, she couldn’t have been much more than fourteen, went and sat herself down on another man’s lap while he was talking to a young woman in her thirties. He put his arm around her, said something I couldn’t hear, then kissed her on the lips. The woman took hold of the girl’s hand and smiled at her.

“Pretty isn’t she?”

I was jolted out of my reverie. “Her name is Chantelle,” Jerry continued, “That man is her best-friend’s father. If you look over there,” he inclined his head to the far side of the room, where the girl had been sitting, “That’s her best friend Nadia, sitting on Chantelle’s dad’s knee.”

Other girls now appeared to be moving around the room, several fathers too, leaving their own daughters and heading off to their chosen quarry. Not all though, one man I noticed across from us and who had just walked in, began kissing the girl he had brought. She was responding with quite some passion.

I caught Jerry’s attention and pointed out the couple. “Are they?...” He anticipated my question.

“Yep, that’s his daughter Brittany. Isn’t she hot?”

“Hot” didn’t cover it by a long shot. In one of the tightest and shortest skirts on offer there, as she stood on tip-toe to kiss her father, his hand dropped to her bottom and began just rubbing it affectionately. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing….but I wanted to see more!

Michelle I noticed, had left her dad too and was over with a small group to our left. A man in his late thirties had his arm around her as they chatted. My mouth was drying up, no doubt about it.

I turned my head. Occasionally you see something you have difficulty in accepting, however much you might want it to be happening. I was having one such epiphany! As little Chantelle sat on her friend’s father’s lap, the woman who had been holding her hand began surreptitiously pushing the girl’s skirt up. She then slipped her hand right up between her legs and it looked to me like she was rubbing her panties. The man said something to her as the girl wriggled noticeably.

There was something clearly wriggling in my own trousers at this stage.

Both of them were now intently involved with the little brunette. The woman eased Chantelle around until she was straddling the man…obviously her husband. For his part he was now not only kissing her but had one hand up under her top and by the look of it, was fondling her tiny breasts. His wife pulled the girl’s skirt higher and was openly now rubbing her hard between her legs through her fully exposed dark blue knickers, her arms encircling the girl’s waist and hips. The girl appeared to be murmuring something..I couldn’t hear what.

Brittany’s father had been joined by a second man. As the girl French-kissed her father, the other man stood behind her, kissing her neck and bringing his hands up under her arms to commence fondling her breasts. The father said something to him, after which he stopped fondling her but reached down and taking hold of her hips, began easing her skirt upwards. I noticed Brittany clearly pushing back with her bottom into the man’s crotch which although I could not see from the front, must obviously have had something there she liked. By the time her panties were exposed, I was needing a paramedic.

Variations on these themes were being played out all over the room. Girls were being kissed, fondled…even tickled, wall to wall. One girl I noticed in a hot little blue dress, was lying on a guy she had pushed back on one of the lounges and he had his hands all over her as she openly rubbed herself on him while he kissed her.

Jerry I noticed had headed off to his daughter’s group where Michelle was now seated between two men, one of which had another girl who looked to be very young indeed, sitting prettily on his knee. I couldn’t see what, if anything was being done to either of them.

Such was not the case with Chantelle’s friend Nadia however. I stared open-mouthed as Michelle’s father undid her top, removed it and then pulled the girl’s bra straps down her arms, fully revealing the sexiest pair of little nipples which he began to suck in earnest – first one side, then the other. The girl looked across to her own father who smiled back at her obviously fully approving. He was busy enough himself, helping a young red-head divest herself of her light green panties. For the girl’s part, she appeared to have her hand inside his zipper and she definitely wasn’t looking for a Malteser!

At one of the small groups further along the far wall, two men and a woman were intent on watching the progress of two young blonde girls who were being encouraged to kiss one another while one was having her jeans pulled down and the other, her skirt pushed up. Obviously the mother of one of them, the woman was helping out with the jeans while another man was whispering something to her as he fondled her breasts.

Just away to my right, another cute little blonde who I recognized as Brianna – one of Jenna’s class-friends and who comes over to our place once in a while, was being stripped by a tall man who I knew was definitely not her father. He had her down to her bra and panties and was in the process of unhooking her front clasp. I figured I may as well start somewhere. Brianna knew I was there, so I may as well do something! Besides, I thought she was the hottest little thing the first time Jenna invited her over.

As I approached, the man looked up – I don’t think he had planned on any assistance. Brianna though smiled at me.

“Hello Mr. Baker….you haven’t been to any of these parties before have you?” I shook my head.

“No…and nor should you have missy.” I teased her. She gave the sexiest little smile.

As the man unhooked her and exposed her breasts, he simply said “Name’s Chris,” and offered his hand. I took it, gave my name and turning back to Brianna asked the dumbest of questions. “Would you let me pull those panties down sweetie?” Even Chris looked at me like not all of my dogs were barking.

I think she was the first one to get nude…and boy was it worth it! Beautiful little figure, curvy hips, firm breasts with “suck-me-before-you-do-anything-else nipples. Chris beat me to it on that score. But the real prize lay there fully exposed now. Cutest little pussy surrounded by wispy blonde hair that formed a delicate protective triangle just a little higher up. I had such a hard-on…mainly because I was unavoidably imagining seeing my own daughters being stripped the same way. God what would I have given at that moment to see that?

I dropped to my knees and nuzzled little Brianna’s pussy with my face. She was making all sorts of funny little noises – when I licked her, she made a whole lot more.

“Let’s fuck her,” said Chris, somewhat indelicately I thought, pulling her over to a spare lounge. Still, you couldn’t fault the man’s logic.

I looked around…and felt more chest pains! Several girls were down to their last stages of clothing…..most notably their panties. Funny how men like to leave that till last isn’t it? The two blonde girls that had been kissing were now separated and seated on two guy’s knees besides one another. One girl had a hand in her panties, the other was being held by the arms while another man was attempting to pull her knickers off. Her mother was otherwise engaged with some girl’s father who, having gotten her down to just her knickers, was sucking her breasts one at a time and generating some serious moans. I would have kept watching but there was too much going on. Nadia was naked and being pushed backwards on the carpet as Chantelle’s father continued to kiss her. Chantelle herself was in a far more interesting position. The man had his erection out while Chantelle lay full length on his wife, clad now only in her undies. It looked to me like the woman was rubbing the girls breasts with her own while her husband had two vaginal options immediately open to him (as it were) Doubtless he took both.

Chris meanwhile had had all the fun so far with Brianna – I figured it was my turn. Getting him to sit in a spare chair, I got him to hold her front-on to me with her legs spread. He was happily occupied fondling her breasts while I licked her several more times. Brianna was moaning by then and if I had been a girl, I probably would have been too – in anticipation! She had her legs spread to the limit and was fully prepped I have to say.

I didn’t so much get my erection out as “unchain it.” I’m not that big, but there again, I never had a solitary complaint. Placing the head at her very wet vaginal entry, I reckon I showed remarkable restraint in not simply raping her stupid. Fact is, I wanted her to enjoy it as much as me. As I pushed in, I felt the tightness of her young pussy despite the fact it had obviously borne considerable in-bound traffic in recent times. So tight in fact was she, it felt like I was entering a ten-year old – no wonder I came so quickly! She was wriggling about on Chris’s lap, pushing forward with her little hips and completely given over to it.

It was then Chris’ turn. It was at this juncture – holding her on my knee, feeling her hot little curvy ass, fondling her breasts and kissing her neck, sweet-smelling blonde hair full in my face and seeing Chris’ appendage enter her, that I realized I was seeing all this happen to Jenna and Kylie. Try as I might, I could not shake the image.

After Chris filled her again (he wasn’t much slower than me) Brianna lay against me breathing heavily and looking every inch a happily fucked teenager. Another father was walking over to us so I gave her a kiss and told her I’d see her before I went. Time to move on.

Approaching Jerry’s little group I was staggered to see Michelle down on her knees, still in her skirt and panties however and French kissing an obviously younger girl with rather cute pigtails. A man was positioning himself behind Michelle and as I watched, pulled her skirt up over her hips and then pushed her panties aside and began to finger her deeply while extricating a rather large erection with his now free hand. Jerry, watching proceedings closely, leant over and whispered something to his daughter that sounded like “Let him fuck you hard baby,” but I could be wrong.

As I neared, he stood up and said to me,

“Well, I see you weren’t being too shy with some of the guests?” I told him I knew the girl.

“Well then, all the better,” he added.. “It’s more fun when you know them isn’t it?….just that little bit naughtier. Her father’s over there you know,” saying which he indicated towards the huge bay window where a rather well built youngish-looking man had a very nice-looking dark-haired girl down on her knees, sucking him like there was no tomorrow. Something about her submissive pose was just soo hot, I wanted to feel her lips affording me the same pleasure. Oddly, she was still dressed, although he had one hand down her top fondling what was quite obviously as hot a pair of tits as you could have found in the room.

I glanced back at Brianna. The “replacement” was kissing her greedily while she was kneeling there, jerking him to Nirvana. I watched as he came in a sudden hot and unbroken stream, all over her breasts, nipples and face. I knew I could never see Brianna again….at our place especially, without full recall of this incredible moment.

Michelle now was being comprehensively fucked. Jerry had unzipped and was stroking himself furiously as he watched his daughter’s hot little pussy being abused stupid by the man. She was handing him maximum penetration by pushing back at each thrust - if you can believe it, the guy was making more noise than she was! I left them to it, having just seen something I really needed to check out.

Exactly what age she was I never found out (might be just as well I never did,) but just two chairs further along, I came across a young girl lying on her back across two men’s laps in tandem. She was completely naked. One man had his hand right up between her legs rubbing and fingering her slit, the other pulling on the tiniest of nipples. She had barely any measurable breasts to speak of, merely the slightest bumps. Her finely shaped little pussy was entirely hairless and in all honesty if someone had told me she was nine or ten, I wouldn’t have doubted it.

Now please believe me when I say that much as I like sex and the thought of sex, especially with teenage girls, I have never considered pre-teen fucking. Yet damn it, this little girl was just about the sexiest sight I have ever seen. The fact that she was letting them fondle and abuse her was just so hot. Nor could it be said she wasn’t enjoying the sensations herself. When she addressed the guy pulling her nipples as “daddy” I really figured it was time for a reality-check here. Could I ever really entertain the notion of allowing my own daughter/s, always assuming either were willing, to take part in such middle class degeneracy – however strong my own motivation? (Or theirs, come to that!)

Whilst most every girl in the room was pretty much nude at this stage and if not moaning from the attention being received, sitting on the floor breathless or leaning against a parent’s legs recovering, there was at the far end of the room I noticed, a decidedly odd couple. Father and daughter quite obviously by virtue of common features, she was sitting rather demurely in a chair, hands folded in her lap while her father perched on the arm of the chair, one arm protectively around his daughter’s waist - a totally incongruous scene given the nature of the entertainment. I walked over to them.

The girl looked up as I approached. Very attractive (her father was a good looking man also) with fine features – some Italian or Spanish blood in there I would guess. Dark hair beautifully groomed and set off with two small pieces of red ribbon that really made her look pretty. She had on a very tasteful knee length skirt and what might have been a cashmere top. With the very light but subtle make-up she was wearing, the girl looked older than she obviously was.

I was wondering why they had set themselves apart. Was he unwilling to allow her to take an active part (I could well understand that). Was she shy? Was he? As if reading my thoughts, the man proffered a hand. “George Coombs, this is my daughter Larissa.” I wasted no time retrieving her hand and kissing it.

“Just watching all this” he continued, “We have never attended any of these “parties” (he hesitated before selecting the word) before. Are you here with your daughter?”

Having introduced myself, I explained that it was my first time also and that I was here by invitation.

“What brought you here?” I asked.

“Well actually, Larissa is a good friend of one of the girls over there…he pointed in Michelle’s direction. She knew about these parties and wanted to come and see for herself.” Larissa blushed and dug her father in the ribs.

“Dad!!!,” she muttered. I felt like kissing her. Actually I felt like doing a lot more than that.

“Do you have any daughters?” she asked me.

“Yep…three actually,” I told her. Fifteen, sixteen and nineteen.

“Larissa is almost seventeen,” George interjected. “Are you going to bring any of yours to the next party?”

I wondered if he was planning on making a booking, but said,

“Haven’t decided and anyway, I’m not sure any of them would want to come?” I replied.

Larissa looked up. ”Have you um, you know…..with any of the girls here?”

Obviously my performance with Brianna had been obscured or they had been watching other frenetic activities at the time. Nevertheless, I thought I’d be truthful.

“Just one….that little blonde girl over there by the table.” I pointed across the room. “She is a friend of my daughter and I know her quite well.”

“Oh, that’s Brianna,” said Larissa blushing again….”I know her too, we play in the same District Netball team.”

I had immediate visions of Larissa in one of those hotter than hot short little Netball skirts and top, her hot breasts. (such that I could see of them, and I really was trying) jiggling as she shot for goal.

Just close to us, a half-undressed girl was seated on a man and was starting to let him feel her up. He had one hand up now between her legs. It was so damned arousing, I turned to Larissa (I had been crouching the far side of her chair) and just kissed her. She made no attempt to withdraw or even deflect my lips. I kissed her harder and then realizing what I was doing, I stopped.

“Sorry George, don’t know what got into me. Its just the heat of the moment…and lets face it, there’s a lot of heat round here.”

“No, its OK,” he said, “So long as Larissa doesn’t mind…I’m OK with it!”

I looked at her…..”You really don’t mind me doing that?”

“I should,” she teased, “But you’re nice, so its OK!”

My erection was instant. “Nice???” Oh God, How I wanted to be nicer!

I stood up and put out my hand to her. I must have looked like I was asking her to dance but she seemed to read me and knew what I wanted. She got up and let me sit in the chair. I pulled her back down into a sitting position on my lap. George was quite obviously a keen observer now.

Looking at a beautiful girl sitting in a chair and having her sitting on you, are way different experiences let me assure you. She was young, warm, cuddly, sweet-smelling…something about her reminded me of my daughter Kylie. Goddamn I’m a sick man!

There will be readers out there who understand exactly what I mean when I say that one of the sexiest things about a girl is her hair. Its scent, its texture, its very femininity. As I nuzzled Larissa, really quite lovingly, her hair fell against my face and captivated my rising emotions. I ran my hand through the lower curls and kissed her neck. Ingest all the alcohol you want, no amount can affect the senses like having a young girl sitting on you with your arms around her waist, feeling her natural heat and knowing that whether you elect to move your hands north or south its all good news.

Larissa was beginning to respond simply to my nuzzling her, holding her tight and having her neck kissed. Her father leant down and muttered something to her but I couldn’t hear what it was…I think my heartbeat was drowning out the conversation. Whatever else was going on in the room, I really wasn’t interested.

She must have been able to feel my erection beneath her bottom but gave no sign that she had. The good news was…that it didn’t bother her obviously. I kissed her harder…further round under her ears now and she was responding dramatically. Making all sorts of pleasurable noises, I risked moving one hand upwards and just allowed the merest contact with the lower side of her left breast.

She just made a sound like “Ohh” and inclined her pretty face towards me. I kissed her full on the lips and she just melted. I must be honest, I felt like a young kid with his first girlfriend and her presence was radically affecting me. I think I was having a majorly strong effect on her too. I raised both hands and cupped her breasts.

This time, a clear and protracted “Ohhh.” As I began to very gently fondle her through her top I could see her father watching and quite obviously not minding. That made it all the hotter. I whispered to her, “Larissa, you are just so beautiful, I hope you don’t mind me doing this.” She shook her head slightly and turned towards me with those wonderfully soft and very lightly glossed lips.

Having the most perfectly sited aspect down her shoulders, the curves of her breasts stood out clearly. I began to undo her two top buttons which immediately ceded the view of her cleavage. She had on a pretty and somewhat frilly blue bra that suggested I was dealing here with some perfectly formed 32 inch, B-cupped breasts that made me want to get her pregnant immediately. I slipped a hand down inside her right cup and gently rubbed her nipple.

She closed her eyes, moaned and held my hand against her soft skin with her own hand. Her nipples were very erect and the more I manipulated them the more she responded with soft moans and wriggles. Her father I imagine must have been suffering an erection of the crippling kind, I could only imagine what I would have been feeling watching him doing this to Jenna.

Gradually lowering my left hand to her lap, I deliberately applied pressure where I knew her hot little mound must be residing below that skirt. After a couple of such probings I felt her legs spread just the slightest. She was looking at me with not a little urgency just as girls do when you have them so expectantly hot and bothered. I laid my hand flat in her lap and pushing downwards with my palm, could clearly feel the lower abdomen as it curves towards that most private of areas. My fingers reached the precipice and arrowed downwards, pressing inwards – right dead center.

The girl clung to me and arched her back as one hand maintained its light hold of her right breast, just caressing and fondling, the other probing her deeply as I negotiated, albeit through her skirt, that hottest of places where is generated such heat. As I kissed her, I whispered how much I wanted and desired her. Her groans evidenced her own needful complicity.

George was being a naughty boy and undoing more of his daughter’s buttons. We slipped the cashmere top off leaving her lying against me, with just that little bra affording some modesty. She gasped as her father pulled her right bra strap down…the least I could do was help with the left one. As both her breasts were slowly uncovered and her dark but fairly small nipples exposed, he leant across and kissed his own daughter hard on the lips.

Having some concern for my now irregular heartbeat, I hoped I would see this through to its conclusion, whatever that might possibly, be without the need for a defibrillator.

I slipped my right hand up under her skirt and pulled the hem up past her knees. Another “Ohhh,” but no resistance! Placing my hand on her beautiful thigh, I slowly encircled the soft skin and moved upwards. As I approached her panties, Larissa was really wriggling her hips and becoming just so aroused. Whether she could possibly be any further advanced than her father or myself is open to speculation.

The heat factor as I allowed my fingers a first brush of her panties was incredible. She moaned audibly and quite subconsciously pushed forward with her hips. Taking hold of her left leg, her father gently held her right and we pulled her legs apart as far as the chair would allow. With George’s help we tugged her skirt up under her bottom and up past her hips, leaving her matching blue knickers completely exposed. I could see how wet she was and at the point I began rubbing her slit through the soft material, she was one transported young girl.

Speaking for myself, my erection was in danger of snapping, such was its delicate and needful condition. I slipped my hand inside her waistband. As my fingers caressed for the first time, her beautiful pussy, her moans increased in intensity. She began kissing her father passionately and was quite unopposed to us taking her bra off. To say she was wet, would be a classic understatement – she was awash! Nevertheless I began to caress her pussy rhythmically, keeping to a circularized motion that made sure the clitoris was being well stimulated. We lifted her legs across the arms of the chair to give maximum access. It was only then I noticed two other men watching from not three paces away and jerking furiously. It would have been an awesome sight from their viewpoint.

Inserting two fingers suddenly into her pussy, she just gasped and shook. The slightest probing further and I made an interesting discovery. Larissa was still a virgin. I could only fall back on logic and make the assumption that this was now a condition she wished no longer to maintain. If it was, she sure was going about it the wrong way.

Her father was like-minded one assumes.

“Fuck her, go on, I want you to…Larissa wants it too.” I heard him half stammering, scarce able to believe himself I think, what he was saying.

While fingering her softly, I leant down to her and whispered, “Larissa, would you let me make love to you? I will be really gentle if you can trust me.”

She looked up at me, her beautiful dark brown eyes almost pleading and just nodded.

With her legs spread as they were, there was no need to remove her panties. They were such skimpy little things, so slim down the center, her pussy was fully visible from both sides anyway. I release my caged erection and knelt between her legs. Her point of entry pretty much right on the edge of the chair by now and it couldn’t have been easier. Although unshaven, the hair surrounding her slit was neither rampant or thick…merely an exquisite natural frame which was never likely to need a razor. It was to me the prettiest little pussy I had laid eyes on and in its refined naturalness - just the biggest turn-on.

“Be careful with her please,” said George. He needn’t have spoken.

Being as wet as she was proved a definite plus for both of us. She absolutely gasped as I entered her - .just looking at me and transferring her own arousal to me…as if I needed it.

At the point of reaching the hymen, I took hold of her left hand with my right and continued to just push in and out with only marginally increased pressure. Although she would obviously have been able to feel the obstacle, I don’t believe it was hurting her. She was wriggling with pleasure which suggested her “apprehension factor” was low. I pushed in now with some little force and I felt her wince. Knowing she was almost seventeen, and assuming that like most normal girls she must masturbate regularly, I assumed the hymen would be somewhat less rigid these days and that one thrust might effect its demise. Such was the case and as I crossed that new frontier she let out a whimper but one that soon gave way to extreme pleasure as I penetrated her deeply.

George, unable to restrain himself further understandably, had his own erection out now and was jerking-off in full view of his daughter who was now half crying with pleasure.

“Ohhh, don’t stop,” she begged.

Yeah right, like I was ever going to?

I suppose you would have to term it “an ejaculation,” but what I managed undoubtedly was an eruption. As I came in her, I felt her own orgasm which had been building to a wondrous crescendo….We simply held each other’s hand tightly and just let it happen.

Friendly Skies

Friendly Skies

Male/Teen Female, Masturbation, Virginity

Author's infos: Female, Secret, USA
Introduction: This is my first story. Comments and feedback welcome.

I am Josh, a 31 year old who lives in Los Angeles and works for one of the prestigious universities out here. My life could have been headed in an entirely different direction had a basketball injury in my senior year while playing for the very college I now work for not happened. At 6'2" plus my muscular frame I was ideal for the sport. It was a good thing I had a brain to back up my talent, since after I hurt my knee, the coaching staff helped keep me around after graduation.

Now I actually am one of the few people who can say that I truly love my job. I am an assistant coach and scout for the basketball team, meaning I get to travel all over and watch games, recruiting young players. Sure, sometimes it means late hours on planes and long layovers, but as you will see, those things can pay off huge!!!

This story occurs during a trip that I took to NYC to scout several players in various high schools in the area. I had actually jumped at the chance to go on this trip and even took a few extra days for it, since NYC was my old stomping ground. I had grown up there, learned to play ball in the street courts, went through high school and had a lot of friends still out there. I wanted to take some time to visit friends and family while there, business and pleasure you know.

This included visiting everyone except my old HS girlfriend. At 17 she seemed amazing at the time, constant sex was great, but overall she was a real slut. I had to leave her after graduation when I went to college on my scholarship. She was the type that could really have gotten a guy off of his game. Her and those stories are something for another day.

This story is about my return plane trip from NYC back to LA: Now, seeing that I travel so much I have accumulated enough miles to fly to the moon and back in first class. Just another perk of my wonderful job. I have also gained the knowledge to know that when you travel, especially alone, that when the opportunity to get bumped presents itself, you can usually score something extra from the airline.

So, as I was waiting at the gate to board the 9:12 flight out of NYC, an attendant came on overhead to announce that our flight had been overbooked. Were there any volunteers to go onto the redeye departing at 12:10 leaving out of the same gate? I had no reason to be back to LA earlier. Hell, I was just going to be sleeping in anyways.

I went up to the podium to inquire as to the incentive for taking the bump onto the later flight. When she told me that I would get a 400 dollar voucher for my next flight booking, how could I refuse? As the attendant quickly typed into her keypad, I asked if the were any rows toward the back that were vacant. I wanted to try and get as much unditurbed sleep as I could. She scanned through various seating assignments and informed me that this flight was fairly open. I had several choices of open rows in the back of the plane. Perfect, I thought. This deal just keeps getting better.

After I rebooked my seat, I gathered my belongings and headed for the restaurant/bar right across from my gate. I might as well get a bite to eat and a drink to relax me before this late flight, I thought. I sat at the bar area in perfect view of the gate and podium, so that I wouldn't miss any occurances or announcements.

I'd just ordered my first White Russian (Kalua, Vodka and cream; when made right it almost tasted like a milkshake) my favorite drink, when they started making the initial boarding calls for the flight I was originally on. Minutes passed by and the obviously crowded flight was getting its line of passengers processed. Poor bastards, I thought to myself. Thank god I wasn't going to have to put up with some fat lady next to me snoring for 3500 miles.

They made their final boarding calls several times over, almost like they were trying to wait for someone. When it seemed like no one was showing, one last lucky standby traveler was sent on to board the plane and they closed the gait door behind him. As I sipped down the last of my drink, I saw the plane start to pull back from the gate.

As I ordered my second drink, my night got a whole lot more interesting.......
I could here her from a short distance yelling to the gate attendants to "Wait, I'm here, hold the plane!!" I knew that this must have been the person that they were trying to wait for, but she was definitely too late. Curiosity got me and I looked around for who this tardy person could be. Too my surprise, I caught a sight that made my dick wake up instantly.

She couldn't have been maybe but 16 I was guessing. Girls who dress in short skirts and knee-highs like that usually were in attendance at the games I scout. She also had on a tight white t-shirt that hugged her very nicely, so tight that you could see the outline of her bra underneath. I judged her to be maybe 5'1", 100 pounds, and about a 32 A. Seeing that sight bounce down the terminal towards the gait was enough to make me want to head straight for the bathroom and get "more comfortable".

I kept my gaze on her as she approached the podium, panting and gasping for air (which only added to my taboo thoughts; I wonder what it would be like hearing that somewhere else?). I couldn't quite make out the whole conversation, but I could tell that it was not what she wanted to hear. Was it out of desire to get a better look at her, or curiosity of the conversation that made me get out of my seat and walk over towards them, I don't know. Either way, I felt a pull to be closer.

As I made my way over to them, I could start to make out what was making the girl so frantic. The airline informed her that they could rebook her to the later flight, but at the cost of a 250 dollar rebooking fee. It was like a blow to the gut for this beautiful teen, she obviously couldn't afford it and it was nearly driving her to tears.

Well, I guess I can make my "good samaritan" deed for the day here, I thought to myself. I approached the counter and apologized for intruding on the conversation. "Sorry, I couldn't help but overhear. You know I happen to have a voucher that can help cover that expense if you like? I'd hate to see someone have to go home this late after having come out and purchased one ticket already."

The teen was speechless. She looked at me like I was the white knight who just rode up and saved her. Not needing any actual verbal acknowledgement, I handed my voucher over to the attendant and took in one more glimpse of this fine early beauty standing in front of me, before I headed back to my seat at the bar. Hell, I had to go back; if I stood there any longer I would have been showing off the hard-on that was definitely starting in my pants. A

s I resumed my seat at the bar I found that my second drink was now there waiting for me. I downed nearly half of it to help calm me a little. I let out a long sigh, quickly polished off the rest of it and reserved myself to go to the bathroom and relieve myself, because my hard-on was not going away any time soon. Just as I was about to get up, I felt a tap on my shoulder. Turning to see who it was made my chest light, since most of its blood supply went to my cock.

There in front of me stood the teen beauty, smiling and looking as intoxicating as ever. "I just wanted to thank you. I don't think anyone has been so generous to me like that before"

It took a moment to get my lips wet enough to start forming words, "Well, you're welcome. I just couldn't bare to see you upset like that. I just got the voucher anyways since I was bumped onto the late flight."

"I know, the attendant told me as she was booking me. I hope you don't mind, but I asked her if she could seat me next to you? I haven't ever been flying before, and I wanted someone nice near me to talk to if I get nervous." Wow, could this night be getting any better?!!!

I had to maintain my composure and keep my smile at a minimum, "No, that's no problem at all. I fly all the time, so I can try to teach you all that I know. Say, are you hungry? We can grab a booth if you like, my treat." This caused her to let out the typical school-girl giggle and she quickly nodded that she would love to. The reaction made my dick squirm all the more in my pants. I quickly found a nearby booth before my cock made its presence obvious to all by pitching a tent.

Over the next few hours we chatted about lots of things: flying, who I was, who she was, etc. I learned that her name was Lori, and she was actually 15. She was making this trip out to LA to find her estranged father, whom she had never met. She had snuck away from home, beacause her mom never would have allowed such a trip. It seemed like a sore subject, so I moved into different conversational topics. After learning that I was into basketball, it led to more conversations since this was her favorite sport too. I had her pegged for the cheerleader type, who knew she could make jumpshots.

All this time I had continued to order my drink of choice from the bar. I told Lori that it simply helps me relax, especially before a late flight. I should have seen it coming when she asked for a sip of it. I mean, a teen who probably attends every party in school, and likely only knows the taste of cheap beer, would love to taste what top-shelf drinks were like. She passed it off as wanting to take advice from an experienced traveler, and help her to relax before her maiden flight. I could tell that she was trying to act as much a grown-up as I was trying to act like the cool young adult.

I obliged her a few sips from the first drink, a few more from the next, and so on over the next few hours of waiting through a total of 6 drinks. As each sip went by our flirting increased to match it. Starting with casual glances and laughing at random jokes, it progressed to a point were she had started pushing her feet between my legs and giving me such a "fuck-me" look that it would make some men lose their load right there. The liquor definitely had its effect, and we were both much more relaxed as the initial boarding calls were made for our flight. 3 hours had seemed to have blown by.

We gathered our belongings and made our way back over to the gaite As we boarded the plane, I allowed her to go first. Not only because she had the window seat, but I just wanted to see her firm ass move as she walked. She made a glance behind her and probably caught me staring at her. She simply smiled and turned back forwards to hide her blushing. The alcohol that we drank earlier had now cast away our inhibitions. Lust was allowed to roam uninhibited.

I was getting so horny by now, that there was no way I could sleep at all on this flight. My dick was perpetually at attention, and I had to keep making adjustments to be both comfortable and not-so-obvious. Lori made her way to our row, and reached overhead to place her bag in the carry-on compartment. That simple act was gorgeous to see.

Her shirt lifted up slightly to show off her belly-button and perfect flat belly. It also had an effect on her skirt that made me feel precum already ooze from the tip of my cock. It shifted just enough to show off her lower abs and the curves from the top of her pelvic bones. You could trace a line right from the top of her hips down to where you know all men want to see in a "v" fashion. Her legs looked velvet smooth as she went onto her tip-toes, highlighted by her white knee-high stockings. What I wouldn't give for those hairless legs to be wrapped around me.

I realized that Lori had been noticing me staring at her. She had held her pose longer just to keep me entranced. She was teasing me, and doing a hell of a job of it. It was like she was a schoolgirl flirting with her crush on the teacher.

She finally took her seat next to window, and as I reached up to stow my luggage it was her turn to stare. My 7 inch cock was showing itself through the bulge in my pants and her jaw was left slightly open with more blushing to follow immediately.

"Hey, do you want a pillow or blanket?" I asked her, fully knowing that it was not likely. She shifted in her seat and smiled up at me, sensing what the real intentions and purpose or the gesture were for.

"Yeah, it is a little chilly in here, thanks."I grabbed us each a pillow and blanket, and after handing a set to her, I sat in the aisle seat, leaving a space between us. I wanted to sit right next to her (or her on my lap), but I didn't want to seem too aggressive. The look on her face was one of disappointment, but once I shot her a wink, she blushed again and bit her bottom lip, anticipating something to come.

As the rest of the passengers found their seats, I took the opportunity to scan our surroundings and see if we had any other company around. As my nights' luck would have it, the closest passenger was across the aisle and one row forward. I should be able to make some moves that would stay private back here.

The plane taxied and soon enough we were taking off. The flight attendants made an announcement that they would keep the cabin lights dimmed to allow for passengers to sleep easier. They would also make only limited beverage service to those who ringed for it. I thought this was a perfect set-up, dim lights and not much traffic around us meant good privacy.

As soon as we had leveled off Lori said that she had to go to the bathrooom. The drinks had apparently made their way through her at that point. Of course, I could have stood from my seat and let her easily pass, but I was ready to start pushing this level of flirtation to another level. It helped that she provided me the view of her backside and her beautiful firm ass as she attempted to side-shuffle past me.

Just as she got directly in front of me I straightened my legs and intertwined them between hers, causing her to start to lose her balance. My "fast-reaction and thinking" allowed me to grab her at the hips and pull her right down onto the bulge in my pants as I "caught" her. She initially reacted as I would have thought, surprised and shy, blushing at the feeling of my cock pressing against her ass. It was her next reaction though that caught me offguard:

She let her whole weight fall into my lap so she could get the full pressure of my stiffening cock against her ass. As she did this a soft moan escaped her lips. Then, instead of immediately continuing her trip to the restroom, she almost imperceptibly started to grind on my lap. From the grip I still had on her hips I could feel her legs part open.

I took it as an invitation to explore, but as soon as I loosened my hands from her hips to slide them towards her thighs, she quickly stood up and moved into the aisle. She turned to face me in the aisle and leaned forward bringing her face to mine so she could whisper to me: "Josh, you did that on purpose didn't you?"

"Maybe. What if I did?"

"Then I just might have to do this" She leaned all the way in and pressed her lips against mine. Our mouths immediately opened and let our tongues quickly explore each other before she broke away and headed directly to the bathroom. What a friggin tease!!

I was left in my seat with my heart beating through my chest and my dick so hard it was starting to hurt. This 15 year old with a perfectly curved body had me like putty in her hand. Although right now I wish it were my dick in her hand instead. The way this flight was going, that was a high possiblity.

Lori emerged from the bathroom and came back to our row. This time she faced me as she moved sideways past me. She leaned forward again, her scent was just as intoxicating as the drinks we had earlier. I thought she wanted to kiss me again, but instead she whispered in my ear, "I still feel chilly in here. How about you sit next to me to help keep me warm."

As she said this she slid something into my hand.Lori finished making her way back to her seat as I strained in the dimmed lighting to see what it was that she had given me. It was a piece of cloth I could tell from feel. The instant I realized it was her panties I felt more precum leak from my dick. She had taken them off in the bathroom, and now had nothing underneath that skirt blocking access to her pussy. She had pushed this taboo flirting to a whole new level, and I was sure to see how much further we could go.

I moved myself and my hard-on to the seat next to Lori. As I settled in I lifted the armrest between the seats to allow her and I to be closer. I took my blanket and covered us both up.

"It might be knid of hard to warm up without you underwear wouldn't it?" I asked her playfully.

"You have been so nice to me, Josh. And I really like you. I want you to touch me."

Who was I to deny such a request to such a beautiful and willing girl. I brought my hand beneath the cover and slid it down to her bare knee. She gasped slightly and looked at me in the eyes, it was the non-verbal "go-for-it" look that I needed.

I slid my hand up her nude thigh, feeling the material of her skirt go over the back of my hand. It was very warm between her thighs as I moved my hand to where Lori allowed me to go when she parted her legs further for me. I gently caressed her inner thigh and slowly moved to feel her soft lips. Her mound was smooth. She must shave what little hair she has growing down there.

The heat and moisture coming from her pussy was signalling to me how much she wanted this. I rubbed her lips allowing some juices to flow out on them. I then moved my hand up to her clit which I gently flicked. The sensation caused Lori so gasp softly out loud and open her eyes to look at me. It was a pleading look that she gave me. She wanted me to make her cum.

I started to rub her clit slowly. Lori purred at the movement. She started to push her pelvis up to my hand, then she pressed her hands down on mine to give more pressure. I quickened the pace of my fingers over her juicy clit as Lori leaned her head onto my shoulder where I could hear her soft quiet moans continuing to come from her mouth.

After about 30 seconds of faster finger movement on her clit, she pressed her hands down hard on mine and bit into my shoulder to prevent any scream from coming out. As she climax I could feel intense heat coming from her mound. I moved my hand back to feel her lips and the sudden flow of extra wetness that came upon them.

I wanted to test how tight this gorgeous teen was, so I moved my middle finger to the slit between her lips. I slowly pushed my middle finger into her and felt wetness and warmth envelope my finger. As I started to move my finger back and forth, Lori reached under the blanket and brought her hand onto the bulge in my pants that needed some attetion which she was apparently ready to give it.

She unzipped my pants and moved my boxers down so that she could release my 7-inch monster. It was my turn to close my eyes as she wrapped her small hand around my cock. The look on her face as she felt it was like a kid opening up a present on Christmas. It was just what she wanted.

Together we moved our hands on each other. My finger buried in her wet pussy, her hand slowly moving along my shaft. The precum that had been oozing from my cock all night allowed her to easily slide her hand along my dick and down to rub my balls. She was starting to get noticibly anxious and excited. I had her squirming in her chair as I brought my index finer into her with my middle. Just the two fingers were a tight fit.

It was then that Lori did something that I did not expect. She quickly stood up and moved across me to the aisle. She turned and leaned to me to whisper in my ear, "Meet me in the bathroom in 1 minute." She had a desperate look on her face as she moved away. She needed more than just rubbing and finger-fucking under the covers.

I adjusted myself back into my pants and took a look around for the flight attendants. The all appeared preoccupied for the time being. I casually got up from my seat and moved back to the bathroom where Lori waited for me. I quietly knocked twice and the door cracked open. Lori's green eyes peeked through to see it was me.

"There's no one around. It's OK." I said.

She moved back and I slipped into the tight bathroom. Before I could even lock the door Lori already had her hands on my pants working on the button and zipper. As I finally locked the door, Lori had my cock in her hands. Our breathing was as fast as our heartbeats. I pressed my lips against hers and our tongues met again. As we tasted each other I moved my hands to her hips and lifted her up onto the small sink.

I lifted her skirt to reveal her smooth pussy, still dripping from her earlier climax. She lifted her legs up and wrapped them around my hips.With her hand still on my cock, she guided me towards her hole. I felt the tip of my dick make contact with her warm juicy lips. The head of my dick pushed her lips apart. She broke our kiss as she gasped for air. I kept one hand on her hip to steady her on the sink. The other hand I moved to the bottom of her shirt.

I slid my hand under her tight white top all the way to cup her budding tit. Her nipples were erect and firm. As I gripped her small breast in my hand, I pushed my cock further into her waiting pussy. The warmth and wetness swallowed and enveloped my shaft. I continued to push forward in sheer ectasy, until the tip of my dick hit an obstruction. She looked up at me as I pressed into her hymen.

"Yes, I'm a virgin. I want you to fuck me and be my first. This has felt amazing, and I want more."

"I'll go slow then OK. I won't hurt you." I moved my pelvis back and forth slowly. Each time bringing my head to press against her virginity and stretch it a little further. After a few minutes and she seemed ready I pushed even further. She winced slightly as I started to break her hymen. I back off and slowly pushed my hard cock back into her. She gripped her legs around me as I pushed all the way in. I held my cock still as she held on with her legs and arms.

Once she relaxed her grip I pulled back out to let the tip of my dick rest against her wet lips. She looked back up ino my eyes, "I'm OK. It wasn't that bad. Keep going, fuck me now, please."

I pressed my dick back into her again feeling her warmth and juices wrap around my cock. She was so tight as I began to fuck this beautiful teen. I kept a steady pace for several minutes, relishing the feeling of being inside of her. Her legs matched the motion of my hips, bringing me as deep as her young body would let me. Lori started pulling her legs slightly faster, and I could her her breath quicken. I knew she was getting close to another orgasm.

"Faster Josh, I'm gonna cum!! Oh god, yes!!" She arched her back and I could feel her pussy tighten. She amplified the feeling by squeezing her legs around me. I pushed my cock in and out of her wet hole even faster, letting my orgasm build. Hearing and feeling her cum on my dick was sending me over the edge.

"Cum in me, Josh. Go ahead, I want to feel everything, even your warm cum filling in me."

That was all I needed as I felt the pressure build in my balls. I had waited all night for this release, and here this 15 year old girl wanted me to let it go inside of her. I pushed my cock as deep as it would fit in her and shot my first load. Rather than pull out, I tried to push even deeper for the second as I grunted out my second and third. I started to relax my grip on her as my last few spurts of cum erupted from my dick into her soaked pussy.

I stood still, with my cock still inside of her for a few more moments as we caught our breath. My dick eventually slipped out of her as I softened, bring with it some of our combined mixed juices. I gave her another passionate kiss, and lifted her off of the sink. I brought my pants back up to my waist as Lori fixed her skirt.

Our escape out of the bathroom was uneventful. I went out first after quickly peaking and ensuring the coast was clear. After a minute Lori joined me in our row, sitting next to each other again. We wrapped ourselves in the blanket and we shared one more tongue-entwined kiss before she layed her head on my shoulder and we both slept the rest of the way into LA.

After we landed, I accompanied Lori toward baggage claim. "So when are you going to go see your father?" I asked.

"I'll just go and stay at a hotel for the night, then go find him in the morning. I was going to have a taxi drive by his place now, just so I could see it first. Get myself prepared and make sure that I didn't chicken out ya know. I've just never met the guy, and I'm not sure if he even knows I exist."

I could tell Lori was getting anxious about it. So in order to prolong our encounter and enjoy her company longer I offered to save her the cab fair and I would drive her myself. Plus my being there when she drove by might help her calm down.

We gathered our luggage and made our way to long-term parking. After we loaded up and got into my SUV I asked Lori for the address that she had found on her dad.

"11 East Sutherland Ave" was her reply.

My heart jumped into my throat and I went pale. "Lori, are you sure that is the right address?"

"Yeah, I found the guy's name in one of my mom's old high school journals. She wrote that he was the father, but that they broke up after high school when he went off to college. I searched for it and this is the address that popped up. Why?"

"Lori, that is my address."

To be continued........